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We are waiting for spring litter pregnancy  confirmation for Hazel/Pablo (40-55lb. dogs) and for Dahli/Jasper (30-45lbs).  Hazel will whelp chocolates and merles. Dahli will whelp chocolates, apricots, and black. Please email us to get on the contact list. We will not take deposits til we have confirmation of pregnancy at the end of January. 

New Mexico Breeders
Our puppies are gently loved from young in order to get them used to human smells and handling. 
Curly coat on the left and wavy coat on the right.

Brownie's litter at 3 weeks. April 2018

Pictures from 2018


An example of a wavy haired pup, Mr. Blue
An example of a curly haired pup, Miss Turquoise

 Pictures from Summer 2017