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Our Dogs

We carefully select top of the line Labradoodles for our breeding program. We screen for genetic issues and test hips and elbows thru OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). We specialize in standard sizes as well as a curlier non-shedding coat to help allieviate allergic reactions for owners. Follow us on Instagram (or check our feed here on the website under Photo Gallery) for the most recent pictures of our dogs and puppies!

Mulit-gen Labradoodle

Hazel Joy and Abigail Faith

Brownie Hope

This is a wavy chocolate coat. Note the golden 

highlights. Wavy coats tend to be more silky and less prone to knotting. 


Labradoodles smile!

Mr. Blue Love

Hazel Joy is a multigen wooly coated chocolate silver Labradoodle. Her incredible temperament and non-shedding coat were the inspiration for starting High Road Labradoodles.  She has a gentle and patient nature and is a wonderful mother. She is loving and obedient, and really enjoys sitting with the family on cold winter nights.  Her OFA HIP and Elbow scores are both excellent. She weighs about 63 lbs.

Abigail Faith is a mulitgen wavy coated chocolate silver Labradoodle.  She is a calm, intelligent, and agile dog (our best jumper!). She loves to cuddle up with her family on the couch! She is a natural service dog and takes very good care of her guardian.

Her OFA HIP and Elbow scores are both excellent. She weighs about 60 lbs.

Blue Love is a multigen wavy coated chocolate Labradoodle.  He has gorgeous golden highlights and is a total sweetheart in every way. He is highly obedient and very sensitive to others. He is a beloved to his guardian and brings joy to every job site he visits with him. He weighs about 80 lbs.


Brownie Hope is a multigen wavy coated silver chocolate Austrailian Labradoodle.  She is the smallest of our females and very smart. She loves to play catch and to get her tummy rubbed, and has a calm and intuitive nature. She is an attentive mom to all her puppies.She weighs about 48 lbs.

Señor Pablo De Algodones is a mutigen chocolate merle medium sized labradoodle. Merle is an genetic trait that makes him tri-colored--chocolate, light brown and white. He is an absolute love with spunk and charm. He is very good on walks--a natural heeler, has a super cotton-y soft curly coat, and is a fast learner. He is happiest when on someone's lap! He weighs about 38 lbs. 

Cooper is an apricot wavy coated F1 Labradoodle. He weighs in at 70 pounds of love, intelligence, sensitivity and sweetness. His OFA HIP and Elbow scores are excellent. He is also registered with the CKC. He is a true head turner in Houston where he lives, and has fans everywhere he goes! He even has an Instagram page for all who love him to keep up on his daily doings!

Check him out  @coopdashmoop11 


Pablo in his full sheepdog look! Note his curls!

Miss Abigail is always smiling. 

Coat Types ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is a wavy or fleece chocolate coat. It is silky to the touch and easy to brush. The curls tend to be looser and carry golden high lights beautifully!

This a curly or wooly chocolate coat. It is more dense and thick like wool. It is less prone to shedding and therefore better for those who have allergy issues. 

From the People

Steven Farber, owner of Smokey

"We could not be more pleased and happy with Smokey being a part of our household. In addition to being the most adorable Labradoodle puppy who gets compliments and smiles everywhere he goes, he is intelligent, loving, active and playful and well balanced as you described.  He is a fast learner, and a pleasure to have around!"

Adam Viramontes, owner of Piper

"We love our High Road Labradoodle! From the moment she arrived in our home, she has been the sweetest addition to our young family. Her temperament is incredibly sweet with our children and even surprisingly calm. Her presence in our home has enriched our lives in so many ways. Our experience with our breeders was very personal and friendly and their care for our puppy has proven itself in the ways she is thriving and growing today!"

Mary Hawkins, owner of Lulu LaBelle

"Miss O Is now known as Lulu LaBelle. She is a little brown devil who at times (few and far between) is an angel! She speaks fluent English, however she is a master at pretending she is deaf and doesn't understand a thing! She also pretends she loves us but when it comes down to it the only thing she loves is food!! She tends to be quite bossy and a bit demanding! She loves everyone and would invite a gang full of thugs in to party!! We think she is the BEST EVER puppy in all of history. Thank you for all your efforts and work in producing the BEST puppy in the world!"

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