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Pricing on a puppy will vary depending on the breeding, color, coat, and any special markings. Our goal is to have high quality, healthy and well socialized puppies that will make great pets at current market value prices.  

Pricing a puppy is a hard job and it depends on a number of factors and will vary from breeder to breeder.   We try to stay below the market value.  

Here are some of the biggest factors and general breakdown for pricing:

1) Coloring and Markings 

The more rare the color and markings the higher the price.  
- Partis which are two colors or spotted are more
- Merles, Phantoms, Brindles or other rare colorings are the most expensive


2) Coat Quality 
- Wavy/Fleece/Curly coats will be non shedding and they will run a higher price
- Straight coats usually that can occur in F1s and F1Bs are cheaper because there is a higher risk of shedding

3) Breeding 

-Artificial Insemination done thru our vet can be costly. We use AI when there is a stud who's location makes it impossible to breed naturally. 

4) Health Guarantees and Breeding Standards
- the more a breeder does to ensure a healthy puppy the more it will cost him
- It costs money to do the right vaccinations and good dewormer medications

5) Age of the Puppy
- the older a puppy is, the less expensive it will be 

6) The Pedigree of the Parent Dogs 
- We make every effort to breed healthy parents.  
- It takes a while to recoup the cost of purchasing good healthy parents

7) Discounts and Payment Plans

-We offer discounts for teachers, public service workers such as sanitation workers, fireman, and police. We also offer active military discounts. 



Deposit and Current Prices

To reserve a puppy a $500.00 deposit is required. This will go towards the purchase price. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits hold your "pick". First deposit gets first pick, second deposit gets second pick, etc.



Each puppy comes dewormed, and with its first round of shots. It also comes with a toy that smells like mom to help with the transition, a collar, probiotics, a pa and health records. We provide a limited health guarantee. We require that you take your pup to a vet within 72 hours of getting them for a full examination. This wellness check is to confirm findings of our vet visit.  We do provide a lifetime of support in the care of your animal, and we happily take dogs back should something arise and you can no longer care for your animal 
Venmo, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Zelle are all accepted !

If you live locally, we would love to deliver your dog right to your door! We are also open to possibly meeting somewhere along the way if you are further than 3 hours from our home. 


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