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Our Adoption Process

So, you are ready for a puppy? Are you sure? GREAT! You have already made a wise choice to seek out a multi-gen Labradoodle. 

Step One. 

Contact Us. Email is great, and so is a phone call. We can go over any and all questions. We will also talk about your lifestyle, your preferences (male or female, curly or wavy) and any pressing concerns regarding allergies. All of your preferences are noted and we do our best to match you with exactly what you are looking for. If the litter has already been born, we will also let you know if what you are looking for is available or not.

Step Two.

Place your deposit.  Your deposit holds a spot for you "in line". It does not hold a particular puppy (unless its past the 6 week mark). The first deposit we receive towards a specific litter gets the first pick of that litter. Second deposit gets second pick and so on. Deposits are $500, go towards the total purchase price, and NON-REFUNDABLE. They can be used towards any litter, so if you need to bow out and jump on a different litter list, that is no problem.  Deposits can be made by check/money order, PayPal or Venmo. 

Step Three.

Wait for the 6 week Puppy Apptitude Test. 

At 6 weeks, puppies are finally differentiating and developing their own personalities, coats and faces. We perform Volhard's Puppy Apptitude Test in order to get a fair picture of who each puppy is becoming and what sort of environment in which they would thrive best.  Once all the data is in, we begin contacting folks who have their deposits in, and the picking begins. Once you have chosen your puppy, we send you pictures at least twice a week, and one video each week. 

Step Four.

Delivery Day! 

We LOVE to deliver your puppy to you! We deliver puppies at about 8 weeks of age, usually 8.5 weeks. We will set up and coordinate drop-off right at your door step as long as your no more than 2.5 hours from our home. If you are further, we can make other arrangements. When we arrive, you will get: your puppy, a contract to sign, your puppy's medical records, a tube of Bene-Bac--a probiotic, a pamphlet on puppy care, and a toy and blanket that smells like mom and littermates.  We can also bring a bag of the kibble they have been eating (Kirkland's Natures Domain, Salmon and Sweet Potato) if needed. We ask that you have a vet appointment set up for your pup, and to let us know the date. We also collect the balance of what is due on the total purchase price. 

Step Five.

Vet Checks and Check-ins.

Once you have your pup, you have approximately 48 hours to have them checked by a licensed vet of your choice. We kindly ask that you contact us after the vet visit to let us know how everything went! 

And thats it! We love updates and pictures, and are always available for questions or concerns regarding nutrition, training or any thing else that comes up.  


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